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ICGG arrange lectures for Bangladesh Geological Survey International Workshop
Time:2018-07-21View:320 ICGG

On July 16th -17th, 2018, a Bangladesh Geological Survey delegation of 10 scientists visited the Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration (IGGE), CAGS. and the UNESCO International Centre on Global-Scale Geochemistry (ICGG) for the 2018 Bangladesh Geological Survey International Workshop. Dr. Hao Guojie, Deputy Director of the IGGE, Dr. Wang Xueqiu, Executive Director of the ICGG met the delegation.

Dr. Hao Guojie extended a warm welcome to the visiting delegation headed by Mr. Aziz Partwary and made an introduction to the ICGG and IGGE, including the objectives, functions and main achievements. He invited the Bangladesh side to participate in the International Scientific Cooperation Program Chemical Earth organized by ICGG. He also indicated that ICGG and IGGE are willing to provide assistance to Bangladesh capacity building in the field of exploration geophysics and geochemistry.

The training courses of the workshop mainly included Principle and Methodology of Geochemical Mapping, Laboratory Chemical analysis Scheme for Geochemical Mapping, Application of Electromagnetic Integrated Probing Technology in Resource Exploration etc. At first, Prof. Wang Xueqiu introduced the content and progress of International Scientific Cooperation Program Chemical Earth to the Bangladesh delegation, Dr. Yao Wensheng made a presentation on chemical analytical techniques, and then Dr. Lin Pinrong made a presentation on the electromagnetic technology in resource exploration. The delegation, headed by Mr. Aziz Patwary also visited the exhibition room of the ICGG, the Chemical analysis Laboratory and the Geochemical RMs development Centre of the IGGE, the Ministry Key Laboratory of Geophysical EM Probing Technologies, and exchanged views with scientists of the relevant departments.

During the workshop, Mr. Aziz Patwary expressed admiration for the achievements made by the IGGE in geochemical mapping as well as geophysical exploration, and showed interests in future cooperation in various fields. The Bangladesh side also expressed their willingness in participating in the Chemical Earth Project and hoped to accelerate the signing of the cooperation agreement through common efforts. The Bangladesh side also highly praised the equipment developed by IGGE for analysis, Geochemical RMs development, EM probing, and would like to collaborate more with the IGGE to help the Bangladesh Geological Survey to improve their exploration equipment.

Staff from the Division of Science and Technology, the Department of Applied Geochemistry, the Department of EM Probing Technologies, the Secretariat of ICGG also took part in the workshop.

Group photo of the two sides

Dr. Wang Xueqiu making a presentation

Delegation of Bangladesh Geological Survey visiting the Laboratory of IGGE