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Peng Qiming, Chief Geologist of Ministry of Lan

Chemical elements are called ‘genes’ of the Earth. ‘Chemical Earth’ is to display the map of chemical elements, which will demonstrate the content and spatial distribution of chemical elements. It is a ‘Digital Earth’ of geochemical properties. Currently, such a digital earth platform is still rare in the world, so we need to implement the international cooperation project, to map the Chemical Earth and display the content and spatial distribution of chemical elements of the lithosphere, pedosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. The Chemical Earth can provide effective services for solving natural resource shortage, environmental pollution, land exploitation, and endemic disease prevention and control.

Since 2008, in order to improve the management of the global multi-scale geochemical data, China developed the ‘Chemical Earth’ software with independent intellectual property rights, which is the world's first digital earth platform with geochemical properties. The platform now stores a total of around 150 million metadata, including the available global-scale geochemical data, national-scale and some regional-scale geochemical data of China. These data include original geochemical analyses, geochemical maps and photographs and videos of sampling sites, etc., totalling up to 30 TB.

Here, I announce, the global big data platform ‘Chemical Earth’ officially launched! (