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ICGG Secretary Office

In order to implement the China-Turkey Geochemical Cooperation Mapping Project, a delegation of three, including Prof. Yao Wensheng, Dr. Zhou Jian and Mr. Liu Hanliang from the UNESCO International Center on Global-scale Geochemistry (ICGG), paid a visit to the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) of Turkey  and conducted joint sampling work from December 5th to 23th, 2016. The Turkish side attached great importance to the cooperation with Chinese side. Mr. Cengiz ERDEM, director general of MTA, accompanied by deputy director general for mineral exploration and deputy director general for international cooperation, met the delegation in his office. At the request of the Turkish side, the delegation briefly introduced the background of ICGG, along with its objectives, the International Scientific Cooperation Project of Mapping the Chemical Earth, and the China-Turkey Multi-scale Geochemical Mapping Cooperation Project. Mr. Cengiz ERDEM highly appreciated the progress and achievements made by his Chinese counterparts in geochemical mapping and expressed his support for the China-Turkey Geochemical Mapping Cooperation Project.

Pic. 1 MTA meeting Chinese Delegation

The delegation also visited the Mineral Exploration Department, the Rock and Mineral Test and Experimental Center of MTA, and gave a lecture on geoanalysis techniques of geochemical mapping samples in the Laboratory. They also demonstrated sampling methods in the field. By the end of their visit, the two parties had jointly completed the pilot sampling work covering an area of 10000 km2 for geochemical mapping at the national scale of 1:1000000. The Turkish side spoke highly of the achievements in the 20 days’ exchange. They believed that the exchanges had given them an opportunity to comprehensively understand the concepts and techniques for geochemical mapping in China. It would also help the MTA with capacity building in geochemical mapping methods and techniques.

Pic. 2 Pro. Yao Wensheng delivering a lecture on geoanalysis technology of Geochemical Mapping

Geochemical mapping cooperation between China and Turkey is an important part of the "One Belt and One Road" geochemical mapping project, as well as the International Scientific Cooperation Project "Chemical Earth". The cooperation achievements will provide Turkey basic geochemical data for research and decision making in mineral resource planning, environmental protection and global change study.

Pic. 3 ICGG Staff Zhoujian and Liu Hanliang demonstrating sampling for Turkish Staff