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ICGG Secretary Office

Four young scientists, Alberto Ramirez Sandoval, Marco Antonio Hernandez Montano from Mexican Geological Survey, Shianny Vasquez Cardena, Marco Antonio Hernandez Chumpitaz Ramirez from Peru Institute of Geology and Mineral Metallurgy, accompanied by staff from Nanjing Geological Survey Center, visited ICGG on Feb. 21st and 22nd, 2017. The four young scholars supported by the "China-LAC Young Scientist Exchange Program” of Ministry of Science and Technology are currently paying a six-month exchange visit in Nanjing Geological Survey Center of China Geological Survey.

Pic.1 Dr. Wang Xueqiu, executive deputy director, introducing ICGG to the young scientists

Pic.2 Visitors and Dr. Wang Xueqiu in front of the Center Exhibition Room

During their visit, Wang Xueqiu, executive deputy director of ICGG, briefly introduced theories and methods of geochemical mapping, geochemical mapping projects conducted in China and the International Scientific Cooperation Project “Chemical Earth” to them. They also visited the Center Laboratory and the Standard Reference Material Developing Centre.

Pic.3 Dr. Wang Xueqiu introducing the International Scientific Cooperation Project “Chemical Earth”

Pic.4 Young scientists visiting the Center Laboratory