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To implement the Agreement of Cooperative Project on Geological and Geochemical Mapping in Laos signed between China Geological Survey, the Ministry of Land Resources of the People’s Republic of China, and Department of Geology and Minerals, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, and to carry out geological survey project, the Low-density Geochemical Mapping Cooperation Project of China and Southeast Asian Countries, ICGG has assigned 7 technical staff to take on a 70-day national-scale geochemical mapping sampling work lasting from February 15th , 2017 to April 25th , 2017.

ICGG started to cooperate with Laos in low-density geochemical mapping since 2014. After three years, the global-scale geochemical sampling in Laos has already been completed, the national-scale geochemical sampling has been completed in 3/5 area of Laos. Meanwhile, indoor and outdoor geochemical mapping training were also taken on technical staff of geological departments in Laos. In 2017, ICGG plans to finish the national-scale geochemical sampling of the left 2/5 area of Laos. At present, field work in Laos has already started.

During the field work, staff from ICGG and DGM cooperated well and helped each other, which allowed them to know each other better, thus forged a deep friendship. The Laos side spoke highly of the Chinese working group and gave them full credit for it. The cooperation work not only let Laos people fully mastered the low-density geochemical mapping technology, but also provided basic information for the country's resource and environmental assessment. As we can see, the smooth implementation of the project has set a good example for the Center’s future international cooperation on global-scale and national-scale geochemical mapping with more countries.

Pic. 1 Group photo of participants of geochemical mapping training course

Pic.2 Group photo Laos and Chinese staff in the field

Pic.3 Chinese and Laos staff sampling together