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ICGG Secretary Office

The UNESCO International Center on Global-Scale Geochemistry (ICGG) was visited by a delegation from Brazil Geological Survey on Nov.10, 2017. The delegation included geochemists João Henrique Larizzatti, Leandro Duarte Campos, Joseneusa Brihante Rodrigues, Lynthener Bianca,Takenaka De Oliveira.

Dr. Hao Guojie, Deputy Director of IGGE and ICGG welcomed the visitors and expressed his hope on a deepening cooperation between the two sides and the joint efforts would lead to a vigorous implementation of the International Cooperation Project on Mapping Chemical Earth in Brazil.

Dr. Wang Xueqiu, Deputy Executive Director of the ICGG gave the brief introduction on the IGGE and ICGG and provided background and main objectives of the International Cooperation Project on Mapping Chemical Earth and specified the assistance levels that is offered to counties with different stages of geochemical baseline development

Mr. João Henrique Larizzatti briefly presented the progress of Brazil geochemical mapping and the proposal of future cooperation with the ICGG. He also showed great interests in joining the International Cooperation Project on Mapping Chemical Earth.

The two sides had a further discussion on solutions to unforeseen problems and promoting the objectives in carrying out global-scale geochemical mapping in Brazil.

The delegation also visited the Exhibition Room of ICGG. The guests were accompanied by Prof. Yao Zhongyou, Prof. Xu Mangting and Mr. Xu Ming from Nanjing Geological Center of China Geological Survey.

The meeting was also attended by Mr. Xiaodu, Director of the Science and Technology Division of the IGGE and Dr. Yao Wensheng, Secretary Director of the ICGG.