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The 2018 ICGG Workshop on International Geochemical Mapping was held by the UNESCO International Center on Global-Scale Geochemistry (ICGG) from Oct. 9th to Oct. 17th, 2018, with the support of the China Geological Survey, Ministry of Natural Resources, P.R. China. At the closing ceremony of the workshop, Dr. Hao Guojie, Deputy Director of ICGG, issued certificates to the participants.

The workshop lasted for 8 day. 27 participants from 11 countries, including Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Madagascar, Russia, Italy, Brazil and Colombia took part in the workshop. Dr. Wang Xueqiu, Chief Scientist of the Center, Dr. Benedetto De Vivo, Chief Editor of the Journal "Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis", gave lectures and made exchanges with the participants during the workshop.

The training courses involved the following topics, “Global Geochemical Baselines and Mapping Chemical Earth” “Geochemical Mapping in Mineral Exploration’ “Applied Geochemistry as an Essential Tool to Discriminate the Impact of Environment Contaminants on Human Health” “The Methods and Some Achievements on Environmental Geochemical Mapping in China” “Geochemical Analytical Methods of 76 Elements” “Geocloud Data Management”, and a one-day Field Trip, on which, sampling spot selection, sampling horizon division, sampling techniques for surface samples and deep samples, sampling recording were demonstrated.

On October 15th -17th , participants of the workshop also attended the Seminar on International Scientific Cooperation Program “Mapping Chemical Earth", held by the ICGG, during which, representatives from Laos, Pakistan, Namibia, Nigeria, Sudan, Thailand, Serbia etc. made reports entitled “Global and National Scale Geochemical Mapping in Laos” “Progress on Cooperation Projects Between Pakistan and China” “Mineral Potentials and Investment in Sudan” etc.. The reports gave an overview on the application of geochemical mapping on resource evaluation and sustainable development in each country, and the representatives expressed their interests to get further involved in “Mapping Chemical Earth”

For its diverse forms and rich content, which included the methods and technologies of geochemical mapping on different scales, the application of geochemical mapping on mineral resources, environment, agriculture and health, etc., the participants said that they truly gained a lot from the workshop, which successfully paved the way for promoting the “Mapping Chemical Earth” program across the world, offered the platform for academic exchanges among scholars from the globe, contributed to the multilateral cooperation on international or regional geochemical mapping projects, and played China’s leading role in the field of geochemical mapping.

Participants of the workshop also visited the Exhibition Room and laboratories of ICGG. Staff of the Department of Applied Geochemistry, Test and Analysis Centre, CRM R&D and Analytical Quality Control Centre, ICGG Secretariat also took part in relevant activities.

Dr. Wang Xueqiu making a presentation

Dr. Benedetto De Vivo delivering a lecture

Participants making a report at the Seminar

Participants visiting the Exhibition Room of ICGG