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Recently, the Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration (IGGE), CAGS, CGS was awarded a certificate to honor its great contribution to the 1:1000 000 geochemical mapping and the global-scale geochemical mapping projects in Laos since 2015 and the improvement of geological survey capacity of Laos. The certificate was issued by Mr. Keo Khamphavong, Director-General of the Department of Geology and Minerals, Ministry of Energy and Mines of Laos. PDR.

The project “Cooperation on Low-Density Geochemical Mapping between China and Southeast Asian Countries” lasts from 2015 to 2018, with the aim to implement the cooperation agreement signed between the China and Laos, respond to the “Belt and Road” initiative, and promote the International Scientific Cooperation Program “Chemical Earth”. Until 2018, the ICGG project team has organized three geochemical mapping training on geochemical mapping for Laos geologists, which covered theory and method for geochemical mapping, sampling methods for global-scale flood plain sediment, global-scale overbank sediment and national-scale river sediment, field sampling demonstration, geochemical data processing, application of geochemical mapping software. The training has greatly helped to improve the geological survey capacity of Laos staff. A geochemical survey team of more than 20 people has been formed in Laos.

In 2015-2018, a total of 22 technical staff from China and Laos participated in the global-scale and national-scale geochemical sampling in Laos. A total of 146 global-scale geochemical samples and 1,731 national-scale geochemical samples were collected, covering an area of 220 000 km2. The analysis of global-scale geochemical samples and processing of global-scale geochemical data has been primarily finished. 76 global-scale geochemical baselines maps and 69 national-scale geochemical maps of 1:1000 000 were compiled. It was also the first set of national-scale geochemical maps of Laos, which helped the Laos people understand the distribution of some important elements in the country, especially the ore-forming elements.

The successful implementation of the Sino-Laos Geochemical Mapping Project has improved Laos’ ability in independently conducting geochemical mapping work, through which the basic geochemical data and maps for understanding the distribution of national resources of Laos have been acquired. The effective application of these achievements will provide strong scientific guidance and technical support to the evaluation of mineral resources and the construction of Sino-Laos regional economy. Director Keo Khamphavong spoke highly of the meticulous attitude, professionalism and outstanding contributions of the project team, expressed his warm congratulations on the achievements and wishes for better future cooperation.