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Geochem Master is a field sampling system developed based on ArcGIS, which includes two sub-systems, the Desktop and the Mobile. The whole system covers the whole process of field sampling from preliminary preparation (personnel mobilization, equipment management, etc.), sample collection, quality control to sample preparation and etc.

Desktop is the core and hub of the entire system with a total of thirty modules, containing project management, personnel and group management, task allocation, mutual check, data and database management, data edit and export and other main functions. This sub-system fully realizes data visualization and operation intellectualization. For example, in task assignment and mutual check, users can load online or offline maps to check the samples in different statuses, as well as the spatial relationship between actual samples and deployed samples. The Track report and the GPS Calibration Report functions can be realized by one-click. Other functions, such as quality control, data management, etc. also use the database to control and manage the data quality.

Mobile terminal has four modules, respectively are GPS verification, sample collection, quality control and sample preparation. GPS calibration is used to verify the consistency and stability of the positioning of multiple mobile terminals.  Sample collection guides users to approach the sampling site through intelligence navigation, and fill in the sampling cards automatically. The embedded data dictionary and the dictionary and the inheritance of sampling record card make the card filling process more quick and smooth. The watermark added when taking a photo can show the sample information and the current coordinate. The quality control and sample preparation modules also have electronic forms for users to fill in and save, which is very convenient. Besides the above, there are many more convenient functions waiting for you to use and discover.

By using this system, samplers can directly, conveniently and accurately obtain field data, and unify the data into the database, which saves lots of time and energy.

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Fig.1 Interface and modules in Desktop

Fig.2 Interface and modules in Mobile

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