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On September 25th 2017, the closing ceremony for International Workshops on Geochemical Mapping was held by UNESCO International Centre on Global-Scale Geochemistry (ICGG) in Langfang China. Flavia Schlegel, Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences, send video congratulation speech to the ceremony. Dr. Peng Xuanmin, Director of ICGG and Dr. Hao Guojie, Deputy Director of ICGG attend the ceremony to present the workshop certificates to 64Trainees of two workshops: 2017 Training Course on Geochemical Mapping and Environmental Geochemical Investigation for Developing Countries (Sep.7th, 2017-Sep. 27th, 2017) and 2017 Workshop on Geochemistry Mapping and Environmental Geochemistry for Peru (Aug. 29th- Sep. 27th, 2017).

In Flavia’s video, she congratulated the Centre on the successful host of the international geochemical mapping training courses and expressed her hope on the participants in utilizing the skills and techniques they had managed to contribute to the geoscience study of their countries.

Dr. Peng Xuanming also expressed his heartfelt congratulations on the participants. He welcomed them to join the international cooperation on Global-Scale Geochemistry. He hoped that the participants could apply what they had learnt through the training courses in their work after they got back.

The main course of the workshops include: (1) The Concept And Methodology Of Geochemical Mapping; (2) the Introduction On The International Cooperation Program-Mapping The Chemical Earth; (3) Analytical Techniques and Quality Control System of Geochemical Mapping Samples; (4) Field Sampling Demonstration.

The training courses were sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, PRC., organized by the Development Research Center of China Geological Survey, and co-organized by the Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration and the UNESCO International Centre on Global-Scale Geochemistry.

Lecture on geochemical mapping

Discussion in the Course

Field geochemical sampling demonstration

Presenting the workshop certificates

Group photo of the ceremony participants