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Recently, 63 newly developed reference materials developed by the Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration (IGGE), China Geological Survey, passed the final evaluation in an assessment meeting organized by the Office of the National Administrative Committee for CRM’s in Beijing. The National-class Certificates will be issued by the State Administration of Market Supervision and the Standards Office after its review. These reference materials include 47 kinds of soil geochemical composition reference materials, 12 kinds of soil pH reference materials, 4 kinds of titanium ore and concentrate reference materials. Up to now, the total number of geochemical reference materials developed by IGGE has reached 356.

After more than 40 years of continuous development, IGGE has established a complete system for geochemical reference material research and processing equipment. Nineteen series of geochemical certified reference materials have been developed, which include the stream sediment, soil, rock, ore, biology and soil available composition.

The geochemical reference materials of IGGE are characterized by its diverse sample types (ores, rocks, soils, river sediments, plants, organisms, etc.), large number of elements (which are used as the standards for analysis of 76 elements) and wide coverage of content scope (background, medium, anomalous composition). They have been playing an important role in the fields of geochemical mapping, geochemical survey, mineral resource survey and evaluation, geochemical survey and evaluation of land quality etc. of China.

The series of geochemical certified reference materials developed by IGGE are also widely used in international geochemical mapping projects home and abroad. Geoscience institutions and geological laboratories in more than 40 countries and regions have been applying these reference materials in the quality control of geochemical samples, which is of great significance to improve the quality and international comparability of international geochemical mapping data.