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On October 18th, the Saudi Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources and the Saudi Geological Survey officially held a grand contract signing and awarding ceremony to grant the Project “High-Resolution Geochemical Survey of the Arabian Shield, through Stream Sediment and Heavy Mineral Concentrate Samples ’’ undertaken by China Geological Survey of the Ministry of Natural Resources. Representatives from IGGE and ICGG were also invited to attend the online ceremony to witness the awarding.

This geochemical exploration project initiated by the Saudi Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources and the Saudi Geological Survey with the aim to activate the mining industry and realize the "Vision 2030" of Saudi Arabia will take 6 years to complete. By conducting the geochemical survey through stream sediments and heavy mineral concentrate samples covering an area of 540,000 square kilometers, it will acquire high-quality geochemical data and delineate a number of target areas to serve the exploration of Saudi mineral resources. Though positioned in unfavorable conditions, such as fierce international competition, Saudi’s special geological landscapes, topographic conditions, severe climates, etc., China Geological Survey eventually won the bid by elaborate planning, meticulous preparation and the common efforts of the high-level professional team with excellent technical capacity, all of which showed China’s confidence in geochemical exploration and the demeanor of a world-class geological survey agency.

Under the leadership of China Geological Survey, coordinated by the Science and Technology and Foreign Affairs Department of China Geological Survey, ICGG and IGGE supported the bidding task from all perspectives, it fully used its advantages in geochemical exploration technologies, show the SGS the brilliance of exploration geochemistry of China. During the bidding, to present the perfect bidding documents, as a green hand, ICGG cooperated closely with scientists from Nanjing Geological Survey Center and Tianjin Geological Survey Center of CGS, worked day and night, overcame many difficulties, such as the lack of experience of international bidding, insufficiency of reference material, diverse differences between domestic standards and international convention, etc. In one year and ten months’ time, it went through two rounds of bidding qualification review, two times of technical bidding documents preparation, four times of oral technical presentation, 2 times of Q&A interactions, ICGG eventually presented to SGS the high-level bidding documents of exploration geochemistry project, demonstrating the rich experience and fruitful results borne through continuous efforts of generations of Chinese geochemists.

Winning the bid is a periodic end of the project, but even more of a starting point, for in the future project implementation, we may encounter new challenges and difficulties. ICGG will continue to fully support the project in an all-round manner to ensure the high-quality achievement of all project results. We will do our best to present KSA with the high-quality geochemical survey data and world-class geochemical survey reports, to serve the development of Saudi mining industry and promote its domestic economic development. IGGE and ICGG will continuously contribute its wisdom and strength to the coalescence of the " Belt and Road" initiative proposed by General-Secretary Xi Jinping and the "Vision 2030" of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.