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The resolution for establishing the International Centre on Global-Scale Geochemistry (hereafter referred to as the ‘Centre’) was approved by the 37th UNESCO General Conference (37 C) on the 13th of November 2013. The establishment of the Centre was formally approved by the China Government State Council in September 2015, after the application issued by the Ministry of Land and Resources ([2015]109), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Science and Technology. There is a critical challenge for solving problems related to pollution of atmosphere, water, soil and sediment, and a shortage of natural resources. Thus, the establishment of an authoritative research organisation by UNESCO is needed to provide systematic and long-term global geochemical data against this challenge. The Centre will be hosted within the premises of the Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration (IGGE) located at 84 Jinguang Road, Langfang, 065000, Hebei Province, China, as a Category 2 Centre of UNESCO; it is independent of UNESCO, and acts as one of its international institutes under Chinese law. It will undertake its work under the strategic targets of UNESCO. All the financial support needed for the operation of the Centre will be provided by the Government of the People’s Republic of China. UNESCO will not provide financial support for administrative or institutional purposes, activities or projects. The Agreement between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and UNESCO, signed on 12th of May 2016, will be concluded after a period of six years from its entry into force. Accordingly, this plan is compiled for a six year term from 2016 to 2021. The agreement shall be renewed upon common agreement between the two parties, based on the results of the renewal assessment provided by UNESCO.