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According to the Agreement on establishing the International Centre on Global-Scale Geochemistry, signed between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and UNESCO, the main objectives are:

(1) To foster knowledge and technology of global-scale geochemistry for sustainable global development in the management of natural resources and the environment.

(2) To document the global concentration and distribution, baselines and changes of chemical elements in the Earth surface for monitoring the environment, for discovering mineral resources, for improving the efficiency of agriculture, and for studying the behaviour of elements in the food chain and their health effects on humans and other biota.

(3) To educate and train postgraduate students, scientists and engineers on the basis of up-to-date global-scale geochemical knowledge and mapping, and to provide technical assistance to developing countries.

(4) To promote equal access to basic services and knowledge-sharing, and to create a bridge between the scientific community, decision-makers and the general public in the field of global-scale geochemical data.