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The mission of ICGG shall be:

(1) To set up an international cooperation network in the field of global-scale geochemistry, to organise and coordinate all scientific organisations and individuals willing to participate in the international cooperation and research on global-scale geochemistry, to foster knowledge and technology for global sustainable development of natural resources and the environment.

(2) To cover 25% of the land surface area of the Earth by global geochemical baseline mapping, with priority in the ‘Belt and Road’ countries, and to document the concentration and spatial distribution of 76 chemical elements.

(3) To build the education and training base, to hold at least 5 training courses on global-scale geochemical knowledge and geochemical mapping methodologies, and to provide technical assistance to developing countries.

(4) To establish a digital Chemical Earth platform for geochemical big data management based on the Internet, and

(5) To promote equal access to basic services for global-scale geochemical data and knowledge-sharing, and to create a bridge between the scientific community, decision makers and the general public in the field of global-scale geochemical data.